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The book reviews in BOOKPOODAH are not so much summaries of the content of the books, but short essays about them. Sometimes I blather on about the significance of what is said in the book. Sometimes I gush over what I deem to be a particularly artistic passage of the book. The site is organized in more or less descending order, from what I consider to be great works, to less important, but still nifty books, to, finally, cookbooks. I begin with my regrets - the great books I should have finished, but didn't.

Books I Never Got Around to Finishing And Am Ashamed I Didn't

Books I Never Read, But Feel I Should Have

The Other Reviews

Now that that's off my chest, here are links to my other book reviews:

I'll add some E.A.Poe links as soon as I can resolve this perplexing communique.

If you are looking for informal, non-professional, irreverent and entertaining investment advice, check out the "Drooling Oatmeal Investment Club". Poodah (of this site) contributes occasional pieces there, such as this: "The Miracle Yoda Stump"

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